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In loving memory ~

Wayne 8/8/02-7/25/17

Wayne is the dog who started it all. Wayne was Trapper's best buddy and right hand. He has been a lot of places over his life but favorite places was the beach. While he was never bred all the credit for Great Lakes can be given to Wayne, with out him Trapper would have never ventured into the world of dogs.

Holly 2/11/10 - 10/28/18
Holly was affectionately known as Tub tub, princess and the warden. She come from North Dakota. Her tree includes dogs from Charmin toilet paper commercials, show champions, field champions, and even an actor dog from Marley and Me. She spent her days working very hard to keep order in the house. She was a quirky loving dog who enjoyed fetching her bumpers. Holly was the foundation female for all of the dogs here.

Murphy was the dog that started it all for Kristin and they went through many firsts together. From moving to Virginia and Florida to settling back in New York. Murphy was a trained drug detection dog. Him and Kristin worked together to train in Norfolk, VA for this amazing path. Unfortunately he lost his battle to lymphoma at the young age of 8.

Murphy Lee 5/25/09 - 12/12/17
Allie Mae 2/2/2014 - 9/11/2015

Allie was the absolute light of Kristin's life. She was spunky, sweet, and kind. Everything you would want in a dog. She was gentle with every person and animal she met. Her life was cut way too short from a tragic accident that has left a huge hole in Kristin's heart.

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