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Family Pet Girls

Great Lakes Lakes Labs Wayne Please Fetch Me A Blankie "Pebbles"

Sweet Pebbles is everything you could ask for in a lab. She loves water, people, other dogs, and life itself. We call her the blankie dog because she always has a blanket in her mouth and wants to share it with all the other dogs. We adore her sweet nature and kind eyes. 


Genetics through Optimal Selection: Clear on all genetics

Sasha (registered name pending)

Sasha is from our Timber x Jasmine breeding and is a 4th generation girl here. Isn't she gorgeous?! Sasha is so social and loves to be around people and other dogs. She has a beautiful moderate build that embodies what a Labrador should look like.

OFA: will be done winter 2024 when she is 2.

Genetics through Optimal Selection: TBD

sasha 1_edited.jpg
Bloomwood Bush Morning Glory

Or affectionately known as beaver. Why is this you ask? Her favorite pass time is standing in the automatic water bowl flooding the room and carrying things around. Wynne is from the same breeder as Kuba (no relation). She will be hitting the show circuit early 2024. Wynne shows a lot of potential and will hopefully excel in sports as well as show.

OFA: will be done in winter 2024/2025 when she is 2

Genetics through Optimal Selection: TBD

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Peace Maker "Damara"

Damara is a sweet and gentle dog. She loves being with her people and lounging on the couch. She is social and out going and loves to do whatever you ask of her.


Genetics through Optimal Selection: Clear on  all genetic

Great Lakes Labs Wayne's Kaleka Kiss
Kaleka is an athletic and well built girl. She loves her ball and swimming. She is a fun dog to have and always keeps us on out toes with her crazy antics!


Genetics though Optimal Selection: Clear on all genetics

Retired Girls

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Shadow "Shadow"


Shadow is Trapper's right hand and goes about everywhere with him. She was born here from our foundation girl Holly. She has produced some beautiful babies and will be here with us to continue to embark on many adventures with Trapper.

Terra Ceia's Katera the Terror DE DM DS-A  SJ-R TKN CA "Katera"


We call her the bad banana. She's loud, full of drive, and has an attitude. Yes, she is an American style lab. Her favorite things are SNACKS, dock diving, and any from of exercising. Katera competed in the 2023 dock diving showcase at Westminster and placed 1st in the senior division first wave and 3rd in senior finals!


You can see her jump at11m 18s

Results! She was in open senior.

unnamed (2).jpg
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