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Our Girls

English (pet) girls

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Great Lakes Lakes Labs Wayne Please Fetch Me A Blankie "Pebbles"

Sweet Pebbles is everything you could ask for in a lab. She loves water, people, other dogs, and life itself. We call her the blankie dog because she always has a blanket in her mouth and wants to share it with all the other dogs. We adore her sweet nature and kind eyes. 

Lad Brilind Tut Pur Tua 

Bayra came all the way from Kazakhstan. She is everything you would expect in such a sweet face. She is a smart, outgoing, happy girl. We are very excited to be able to add her to our program.

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Sandy Beach

Sandy is a fun girl who enjoys playing with her ball, swimming, or curling up in your lap.  She is smaller but thick in build and has the perfect amount of go and whoa.

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Leaping Lizard "Sunday"

Sunday is a sweet and gentle natured dog. She loves being with her people and lounging on the couch. She is definitely NOT the stereotypical "all chocolates are crazy" dog.

Nordnike Yamaha "Lesya"
Lesya came to us from Russia her mother is a Russian JR. Champion and has gone to Labrador specialties. Lesya is a blast! We love her zest for life and collecting things like sticks, rocks, food dishes, you name it. 

Retired Girls

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Mayan Princess "Maya"


Maya is  from Nashville, TN. She is Trapper's duck dog and she LIVES for the hunt. When she is not out hunting you can find her lounging around living the good life.

Terra Ceia's Katera the Terror DE DM DS-A  SJ-R TKN CA "Katera"


We call her the bad banana. She's loud, full of drive, and has an attitude. Yes, she is an American style lab. Her favorite things are SNACKS, dock diving, and any from of exercising.  

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