Resident dogs

Wayne (Buddy) 8/8/02-7/25/17

Hello. I'm Wayne and no... I am not the dad. I am 14 years old. I like long walks... like the one from my food bowl to the bed. I am my dad's best buddy. I have been a lot of places but one of my favorite places is the beach. I love it there.

Holly (Tub tub) 2/11/10-10/28/18

Hello. I'm Holly. I am known as Tub tub, princess and the warden. I come from North Dakota. My family tree includes dogs from Charmin toilet paper commercials, show champions, field champions, and even an actor dog from Marley and Me. I work very hard to keep order in the house and I know everyone appreciates it. My favorite thing to do is fetch bumpers.

Maya (Terd)


I'm Maya. I am from Nashville, TN. You can hang around but ya gatta be quiet.... I'm hunting Ducks. I like...shhh.... I can't talk now, the ducks are everywhere.

Luna (LOU!) (Retired)

Hello. I'm Luna. I am Holly's daughter. I'm enjoying retirement by sleeping, eating, and being forced to get up twice a day to go outside.


Hi. I'm Shadow, and I'm a total Daddy's girl! My favorite thing is to take rides in the truck with him and follow him where ever he goes. I am a very sweet girl and love everyone I meet!


Hello. I am Kaleka I'm a really in your pocket want to please type of girl. Some of my favorite things include swimming, playing ball, and running around barking with a ball in my mouth- hence why it's called my muffler.


I'm Bailey and yes... I AM adorable. What do you expect, I'm a Holly/Sammy puppy. I take care of everyone's puppies, chase around the adults and  have competed in dog shows. I give a one of a kind kiss that can only be described as BayBay kisses.


They call me Jazzy. I am a Luna/Sammy pup. I am well built and awwwful purdy. I am training to be a deer search dog to find wounded deer. I just love getting out and getting my nose to the ground. My DNA tests were off the charts. Check it out by clicking the red button.


I'm Sandy and ball is life! When they say good things come in small packages they are clearly talking about me! I can't get enough of playing fetch and running in and out of the pond! But don't be fooled I'm a huge sweetheart and love curling up with my people.

Our puppy daddy

Mount Star's Polar Bear "Bear"

Puppy reservations are based on the order of deposits recieved. Placing a deposit does not guarentee any certain puppy from any certain litter. You MUST contact us within 24 hours to discuss your deposit. All puppies are sold with limited registration but we are open to full registration. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any puppy for any reason.

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