Our Girls

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Mayan Princess "Maya" (Terd)


Maya is  from Nashville, TN. She is Trapper's duck dog and she LIVES for the hunt. When she is not out hunting you can find her lounging around living the good life.

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Lunar Ray
"Luna" (LOU!) (Retired)

Luna is Holly's daughter. She is enjoying retirement by sleeping, eating, and being forced to get up twice a day to go outside. Luna and Kristin share a special bond of exchanging disgruntled looks.

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Shadow 

Shadow is known for flopping right over on her back for belly rubs. Her favorite thing to do is to take rides in the truck with Trapper and follow him where ever he goes. She is a very sweet girl and love everyone she meets!

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Kaleka Kiss "Kaleka"

Kaleka is a really in your pocket want to please type of girl. Some of her favorite things include swimming, playing ball, and running around barking with a ball in her mouth- hence why it's called her muffler.

Terra Ceia's Katera the Terror DS DM SJ-R TKN


We call her the bad banana. She's loud, full of drive, and has an attitude. Yes, she is an American style lab. Her favorite things are SNACKS, dock diving, and any from of exercising.  

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Jasmine
"Jasmine" (Jazzy)

Jasmine is a Luna/Sammy pup. She is well built and awwwful purdy. Jazzy is a trained deer search dog that will find wounded deer. She loves getting out and getting her nose to the ground. Her DNA tests were off the charts. Check it out by clicking the pink button.

Great Lakes Lab Wayne's Sandy Beach "Sandy"

For Sandy ball is life! When they say good things come in small packages they are clearly talking about her. She can't get enough of playing fetch and running in and out of the pond! But don't be fooled she is a huge sweetheart and loves curling up with her people.