Started Pups

At times we will keep a pup or two around for training. They are treated the same as every one of our dogs and will learn basic commends and potty training and introduced to crates. We will happily work with any pup we sell to bring them to this level if you want. Along with training, these guys get the same high quality food, socializing and veterinary care that we provide for all of our dogs. Feel free to ask for more info.

Bear - $3,500

Bear is up for sale to another breeding home. We have decided to take our program in a different direction. Bear has all genetic testing done through optimal selection and OFA for hips and elbows. He knows his job and does it well. His pups are higher energy but have gone on to be family companions and some are in hunting homes. Bear himself is a higher energy dog. He does good inside the home, in the car, and in our dog house. He is fine with females but can get snotty with other males. He was stared in hunt training before he came to us and I am sure he could finish with no problem.