Started Pups

At times we will keep a pup or two around for training. They are treated the same as every one of our dogs and will learn basic commends and potty training. We do not crate our dogs, but these pups can be introduced to crates as we do believe in most circumstances, crating is a safe choice for puppies. We will happily work with any pup we sell to bring them to this level if you want. Along with training, these guys get the same high quality food, socializing and veterinary care that we provide for all of our dogs. Feel free to ask for more info.



Babs is about 3 years old. She is house broke and knows her basic commands. She has never had to be crated. Babs unfortunately got a partial tear in her ligament and is no longer allowed to run in our large fenced in area. She is healing well and will do best in a smaller fenced in yard with leash controlled walks. She is around 60-65 pounds and doesn't know a stranger!

Puppy reservations are based on the order of deposits recieved. Placing a deposit does not guarentee any certain puppy from any certain litter. You MUST contact us within 24 hours to discuss your deposit. All puppies are sold with limited registration but we are open to full registration. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any puppy for any reason.

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