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About Great Lakes Labs

People who are buying a puppy from us, Great Lakes Labs, are not buying a dog they are seeking a companion. We work very hard at breeding and raising puppies that will be your best friend and will give you back as much as you give them. Our dogs are not kept in kennels or crates. They are in our house, on our couch, and in our laps. They have a huge fenced in yard with a 24x32 heated doghouse designed all around them. They have raised beds and dog doors everywhere. They are monitored with 24 hour HD surveillance. We go for walks on our 45 acres and play in our 2 ponds. They see 2 vets one for routine care and a second for all breeding care. They hunt, they compete, and they are amazing family dogs. We continually strive to produce a healthier dog. We use Optimal Selection for DNA testing that tests for over 250 genetic diseases and we also have all of our dogs OFA certified. It is our goal that when you buy a pup from us not only do you get a great puppy but more importantly you get a great adult and senior dog. When you become attached to a dog it's not only the first years that matter it’s the last years as well. In 13 years we want you to be saying “Wow, this is the best dog I will ever have.”

A little about the owners-


I started Great Lakes in 2010. I have put extensive research into breeding a better healthier dog. I spent countless hours learning about nutrition, genetics, and over all wellbeing of dogs. My original mentor was in GA, and I traveled back and forth to learn about breeding. I had a vision when I built the "doghouse" with every last dog in mind and spent countless hours making sure it is the best possible place for them. I planned every square inch down to placement of electrical sockets. I didn't want my dogs in kennels and runs with no life I wanted them to have the freedom to run and play. They deserve to live the good life.



I have been professionally involved with dogs since 2019. My first "adult" career was training bomb/ drug detection dogs along with personal protection in Virginia Beach. I have always had a passion for working dogs and moved in dog sports and hunting with that same drive. I professionally groomed for 11 years and loved every minute of it. I have also worked dog kennels, daycare, and taught pet training classes. I have studied canine nutrition to better understand what dogs need not only to be healthy family companions but what they need to excel in the field as an athlete. 

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