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Health Guarantee

This is directly from our contract.


14 Day Health Guarantee:

  • This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of delivery.

  • The buyer agrees to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup.

  • In addition, the buyer will have 180 days to have the dog declared unfit due to a congenital malady.

  • If the puppy is found to be in unfit for sale, a written statement from the veterinarian should be forwarded to the seller and the puppy should be returned within 72 hours (at buyer’s expense) for a replacement.



3 Year Replacement Guarantee:


If the above dog should develop a severe genetic disease before it’s third birthday and can no longer function as a Pet/Companion Animal the breeder will replace at no charge with a comparable puppy.  The dog will be replaced either from the same litter of from a future litter.  A proper letter from the vet stating the problem found and the vet's opinion on the viability of the animal must be sent to the seller within 15 days of diagnosis.  The seller will have the final say on whether the original puppy must be returned or not.  All the vet bills and returned shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer and will not be accepted by the breeder. The puppy shall have been feed a good quality All Life Stage food for large breed animals. Feeding low quality food, puppy foods, or unbalanced raw diet may cancel this section of the contract.


Unless otherwise specified, all vet bills for corrective surgery, cosmetic surgery, shots and normal health care, euthanasia, spay/neuter and also shipping are the responsibility of the buyer


All veterinarians must follow the following procedures during the initial examination when rendering an opinion regarding illness or hereditary defects in the dog:

•Identification: All puppies are implanted with a microchip. This chip must be scanned and the resulting ID number must be recorded and included in all reports.

•Notification: The veterinarian must supply breeder or the breeders veterinarian with copies of all relevant reports indicating any possible hereditary defects or illnesses within seven days of the first communication with their vet regarding the findings. Breeder will review the veterinary reports and advise if a second opinion is required. If it is, breeder will nominate a second veterinarian to whom the dog should be taken for further examination. Breeder reserves the right to forward all veterinary reports, x-rays, or other test results to any veterinarian or other party of breeder’s choosing. Additional veterinary costs related to a second opinion at the request of breeder will be paid by breeder.


If at any time in the first 10 days the buyer regrets purchasing the puppy the puppy may be returned to the breeder for a refund of the purchase price (minus the non-refundable deposit) as long as the puppy is returned in good health.  If the breeder incurs any vet bills due to the condition the puppy is returned in then those will be deducted from the refund.

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