Current and Expected Litters

We are not expecting any litters until mid fall at this time.

Please text, email or call for info. For an automated email with information on availability please email,

Most puppies have deposits on them and are sold before they are born or soon after, with this it is suggested to reserve sooner rather then later. You may choose color and gender of the puppy you would like. Once there is a litter with your preference we will contact you.  We do not guarantee any certain puppy from any certain litter, mother nature will take over after the breeding and decide what each mom will produce in terms of color and gender. Puppies from our litters are $1850 + tax. They are vetted at 6 weeks old, receive first booster shots with health certificate from the vet. They are also micro-chipped and the chip is registered to the puppy buyer upon going home. We require a non-refundable deposit of $100 and the balance is not due until the puppy is picked up at 8 weeks old. All puppies are sold on limited AKC registration, this means you will receive AKC papers with your puppy but we DO NOT give breeding rights. 
Until further notice, due to COVID, We do NOT allow puppy buyers to visit the litter prior to 6 weeks, due to health concerns of the litter and ourselves. But we will be sure to update with pictures and videos upon request!
**PLEASE NOTE - We do not and will not under any circumstances allow a puppy to go home before exactly 8 weeks. We also will not sell littermates or puppies close in age together. 
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~Hi! I don’t know if you remember us, but I see that Rosie’s mom is due with another littler this week! Congratulations! We would like to take the time and thank you for letting us take Rosie into our family. She’s truly a great dog and a hoot! Everyone loves her! She is the perfect description of a Labrador retriever; LOVES water, loves to fetch tennis balls, and a huge LOVER. She was just spayed a week ago. Can’t believe she’s 6 months already! First think she does when she gets up is grabs her pink puppy toy and comes up to us smiling, wagging her tail, and whimpering for us to give her a ton of attention of which she gets a lot of because who can say no to that cute puppy face! Training is going great and she is an amazing addition to our family. Thank you again! Enjoy this video of Rosie swimming in our pool at the beach house. (sorry, I don't know how to upload a video from a text.)

~Chance (Shadow/Bear) is finally comfortable retrieving in his pool! We are thrilled! He’s been doing it for months in the creek or lake, but was nervous to swim in the pool for whatever reason. Just wanted to say thank you to Trapper & Kristin for bringing us such a wonderful family companion. We had him at our daughter’s lacrosse game today, and he sat the entire time, chewing his toys, watching, and letting kids and adults come pet him. We received so many compliments on his demeanor, temperament, and appearance. So many people said “I could NEVER bring my dog to this”.

He’s exactly what we wanted.

~Trapper and Kristin thank you for our little Lola (Collette). She is just perfect for us and she totally has us all wrapped around her little paw

~Hashbrown (Kaleka/Odin) is so excited to be home in Lakewood, NY! Thank you Kristin and Trapper for our amazing pup! He is so loved already!

~Odin (no collar) is doing well after being home a few days! He is fitting in well with our clan. Thank you Kristin and trapper for such wonderful pups !

~We had a great experience getting a labrador puppy from Great Lakes Labs. They were super responsive when we were looking for a puppy and made the whole process very easy. We love our newest family member, our happy healthy black lab puppy.

~I adopted Babs a started 3 year old golden lab. Trust me I hate spending money but for the wonderful dog I met, money wasn't even a thought. Trapper and Kristin are very professional and they love each and everyone of their dogs. I've met breeders in the past that treated their dogs just like a business, and it was sad. To see this place was so heart warming and my whole family is so happy we found this place. If you are looking for a lab this is by far the right place!